PHONE E6B - Aviation calculator for mobile phones and tablets


In order to test whether Phone E6B will work on your phone or tablet, please run the Phone E6B Demo before purchasing our aviation calculator.

Why is this test necessary?

Buying software for a personal computer is relatively easy. Regardless of who manufactured your computer, it probably is running the Windows, Linux, or Mac operating system. By contrast, most mobile phone manufacturers have their own proprietary operating system, and the capabilities and quality of these operating systems vary greatly. Even phones from the same manufacturer can vary greatly in terms of capabilities. In addition, some phone service providers limit the capabilities of the phones that they sell, for example by not permitting the installation of software not branded by the service provider. Running the demo will test that your phone is able to download, install, and run our software.

We do not want anyone to purchase our flight planning calculator and then be disappointed to discover that it does not work on their phone or tablet. Therefore, we must insist that you run the demo prior to purchasing the Phone E6B aviation calculator.

The Phone E6B End User License Agreement requires licensees to run the demo on their phone or tablet prior to purchasing the license. Therefore, the license agreement provides no warranty coverage for any issue that would have been discovered by running the demo prior to purchasing the software.

At a minimum, please run the demo's Wind Components, Weather, and Weight and Balance calculators.

I ran the Wind Components, Weather, and Weight and Balance functions of the Phone E6B Demo. The demo worked correctly on the device for which I wish to purchase Phone E6B.
I agree to the Phone E6B End User License Agreement

For BlackBerry OS 10 and Playbook, the app cannot be purchased from this website. The app must be purchased from BlackBerry App World.