PHONE E6B - Aviation calculator for mobile phones and tablets

Try the Demo

The Phone E6B Demo illustrates the functionality that is available in our flight planning calculator and it is free! To use the demo, you must agree to these license terms.

Instructions for installing the demo

  1. Load in your phone's or tablet's web browser. Agree to the license terms and click the download button.
  2. Your phone or tablet will provide step by step instructions for installing and running the application.
    • On Kindle Fire, follow these instructions
    • Click ok if your phone asks if it ok to install this application.
    • Your phone might give a warning that the application is from an "untrusted author", "unknown provider", "unrecognized provider" or a similar warning. Click the button that indicates that you want to proceed with the installation. The warning simply means that the application is not authored by the phone manufacturer or a company that has paid to be recognized on your phone as an application author.
    • On most phones, the phone will ask you whether you want to run the application after it has been installed. If not, navigate to the location where applications are stored on your phone and run the application from there.
  3. To exit the application, press the application's Exit button or try pressing the phone's hangup button.

Alternate download methods

You can download the Phone E6B demo program to your computer first and then transfer it from your computer to your mobile device. If your device does not have internet access or if your phone carrier charges you per kilobyte downloaded, this can be useful. Sometimes this can also be used to bypass restrictions imposed by a phone service carrier that limit the ability to install applications. However, transferring the program from your computer to your mobile device takes many more steps than downloading the program using your mobile device's web browser. In addition, the instructions for how to transfer a program from a computer to your mobile device are very specific to your brand and model of device. See your phone or tablet instruction manual or the website for your phone or tablet manufacturer for more information.