PHONE E6B - Aviation calculator for mobile phones

An internet connection is required in order to obtain weather reports. Weather information is obtained from a NOAA internet server. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the weather information.

Phone E6B Subscription Service provides latitude and longitude, magnetic variation, and other data for public-use airports, NAVAIDs, or navigational fixes within the United States and for public-use airports around the world that have an ICAO identifier. An internet connection and Phone E6B Subscription Service are required in order for Phone E6B software to look up this data. The Subscription Service is also required in order to upload flight plans to your account on this website. Each new purchase of Phone E6B made on this website comes with a free six month subscription to Phone E6B Subscription Service. (Purchases made through other websites do not include a free subscription.) We plan to offer subscription renewals for free. However, we reserve the right to charge a small fee for subscription renewals in order to defray the costs that we incur to provide this service.

The power of the service is that Phone E6B can use the latitude and longitude data to calculate the distance and course to fly from one location to another. You can type in an entire flight plan by specifying the identifiers of the waypoints that make up your route of flight. Phone E6B can then look up the coordinates of each waypoint along your route and calculate the distance and course for each leg of your route. Then, based on your true airspeed, wind conditions, and rate of fuel use, Phone E6B can calculate the time, distance, and amount of fuel that will be used for your entire flight and for each leg of your flight.

Phone E6B Subscription Service obtains data using various third party sources. We do not have control over the accuracy of data provided by these third party sources and therefore we cannot guarantee the data's accuracy. Before using this data for navigation, verify the accuracy of the data using FAA-endorsed sources of information.