PHONE E6B - Aviation calculator for mobile phones and tablets

Phone E6B has been fully tested on Kindle Fire. We do not currently sell our apps on Amazon's Appstore. Phone E6B and our demo app can be obtained directly from our website, following these instructions.


Running on Kindle Fire

Installing on Kindle Fire

1. In the Kindle's web browser, navigate to location on this website for downloading the app. Tap the link to download the Android version of the app.
2. Wait at least 15 seconds for the app to download. Then, at the bottom of the screen, press the Menu button. Then, press the Downloads button.
3. Double tap the Phone E6B apk file
4. If you see the message shown on the right, press the Settings button. Otherwise, go to step 6.
5. Under device settings, find Allow Installation of Applications From Unknown Sources and press the On button. Press Ok on the warning about installing applications from outside the Amazon Appstore. Then, press the Back button at the bottom of the screen and double tap the Phone E6B apk file again.
6. Press the Install button. After installation, you may start the app by pressing the Open button.

Running on Kindle Fire

The following buttons are extremely important.
Menu Displays numerous important commands, such as Help, Delete, and Change Units
Back Returns you to the previous screen. If you are on the main menu screen, the Back button exits the app.
Hide keyboardHides the keyboard
The Menu and Back buttons appear at the bottom of the screen, and the Hide Keyboard appears as a button within the keyboard. The keyboard must be hidden in order to see the Menu and Back buttons.

During initial setup, you will be asked to verify that the numeric keyboard works. Tap the white rectangle next to "Enter -1.23 here." The decimal key does not appear at first on the keyboard. This is due to an error in the Kindle operating system software, which we have reported to Amazon. Press the slash ("/") key in order to make the decimal key appear at the top of the keyboard.

Initial setup screen. Press slash to see the decimal key.
Location of the decimal key after the slash key has been pressed

Known issues
The large icon shown on Kindle Fire does not have a pleasing appearance because the icon was designed for small screens. We are working on this issue. This issue does not in any way affect the functionality of the app.