PHONE E6B - Aviation calculator for mobile phones

What types of phones and tablets does Phone E6B work on?

Phone E6B can run on almost all Android phones and tablets and BlackBerry phones. Even if your device is not Android or BlackBerry, there is a good chance that your device can run Phone E6B. For example, Phone E6B runs on many non-Android phone models from Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, HTC, O2, Palm Treo, Asus, Sagem, Dopod, Vodaphone, and many more brands. However, Phone E6B does not run on iPhones. The system requirements are described here for people interested in the technical details.

How can I tell whether my phone meets the system requirements?

Try the Phone E6B Demo application on your phone.

Why doesn't Phone E6B work on iPhones?

As of the date when this page was written, iPhones cannot run Java ME applications. If you are unhappy about this, please contact to Apple Inc.