PHONE E6B - Aviation calculator for mobile phones and tablets


Phone E6B is an aviation calculator designed for mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Phone E6B works with Android tablets, such as the Kindle Fire, and most Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola, and LG mobile phones and with phones from many more manufacturers. Phone E6B can perform all the functions of a traditional slide-rule E6B, plus much more!

Why use Phone E6B?
  • Slide-rule calculators are tedious and difficult to use. To do a simple wind correction calculation, you must rotate the wind direction wheel to the wind direction, mark the wind speed, rotate the wheel to the true course, etc, etc, etc. Using the Phone E6B is as easy as using a regular electronic calculator. Just type in the numbers and get a result.
  • Stand alone electronic aviation calculators are overpriced and can easily get lost. $80 is the typical price. Furthermore, a stand alone calculator is yet another gadget that you will have to look for among all the other gadgets in your flight bag. With Phone E6B, there is no more hunting through your flight bag for your calculator, because the calculator is right on your mobile phone or tablet!
  • Phone E6B can do many things that a slide-rule calculator can’t do. For example, a traditional slide-rule calculator cannot calculate the effect of humidity on density altitude and true airspeed, but Phone E6B can. A slide-rule cannot lookup the latitude and longitude of two airport and then use those coordinates to calculate the distance and course to travel from one airport to another, but Phone E6B can.
  • Runs on most mobile phone brands. Details
  • Runs on Android tablets
  • Over 70 functions, including
    • Time, speed, distance
    • Fuel consumption
    • Wind correction – WCA, ground speed, time en route
    • Headwind/crosswind components of wind
    • Pressure and density altitude
    • True airspeed and true altitude, Mach number, speed of sound
    • Weight and balance
    • Distance and course to travel between two locations based on their latitude and longitude
    • Holding pattern entries
    • Glide distance
    • Fuel weight from volume and density
    • Weather reports
    • Ability to look up the latitude and longitude of airports and NAVAIDS all over the world (over 30000 airports and 9690 NAVAIDS)
    • Ability to look up the latitude and longitude of navigational fixes in the U.S.
    • Ability to transfer flight plans to your personal computer where you can print the flight plan or import to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
    • Units conversions
  • Easy to use. Inputs and outputs are straightforward.
  • Adapts to the size of your phone’s or tablet’s screen, so it can run on small screens as well as large screens
  • Instant results – on most devices results immediately update as you type in numbers
  • Can customize units to those used in the country you are operating in
  • Can customize units to your plane. For example, if your plane’s gauges are in MPH, you can enter indicated airspeed in MPH, wind speeds in knots, and get ground speed in MPH, knots, or km/hr.
  • Most functions do not require an internet connection
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