PHONE E6B - Aviation calculator for mobile phones

What's new

Version 2.2

Improved resuming app after incoming call. Improved method of entering coordinate data.

Version 2.1.5

For Android, improvements to make user interface easier to use. Larger keys for numeric input. List items taller so that they are easier to select. Help text size can be adjusted.
For BlackBerry, use new internet connection function available in BlackBerry device software 5.

Version 2.1.4

Added Uninstall function. Run Uninstall before you do a factory reset or in order to install the Phone E6B on another phone. Run Phone E6B's Uninstall function instead of the uninstall commands in your phone's operating system

Version 2.1.3

Weather server changed

Version 2.0

Simulated images for BlackBerry 9530. Phone E6B may appear different on your phone based on your phone's graphics capabilities and operating system